With the years of experience, I’ve gained in the fitness business, I know that we all need different things to succeed and that there is no one way that works for everyone. That is the reason my way of working is adjusted to your specific goals and circumstances - creating a bespoke, personalized plan just for you. Weight loss is a journey, and like every journey, it gets better with the right person to help you out along the way.

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Flying solo

  • An introduction to weight loss By Jonny
  • Individual calorie target with macros/month
  • Personal activity plan/month
  • 2 personalized breakfast recipes & 5 hot meal recipes/month

149€ / month

Two's company, Three's a crowd

  • Introduction to weight loss By Jonny
  • Individual calorie target & macros/month
  • Personal activity plan updated/month
  • 2 personalized breakfast recipes & 5 hot meal recipes/month
  • 15 min Skype/Facetime follow-ups at the beginning & end of the month
  • Weekly personal coaching via email to help you tweak the program along the way

299€ / month

The More The Merrier

  • Introduction to weight loss By Jonny
  • Individual calorie target & macros updated monthly
  • Personal activity plan updated monthly
  • Lunch, snacks & dinner delivered to you (available in Stockholm/Uppsala, Sweden).
  • Personalised breakfast recipes
  • 15 min Skype/Facetime follow-ups at the beginning & end of the month
  • Weekly personal coaching via email to help you tweak the program along the way
  • Delivered weekly, one week's cancellation policy

Starting at 34.90€ / day



at Barry's Bootcamp

Arms & Abs

6:30 & 7:30 Mondays

Butt & Legs

16:30 & 17:30 Tuesdays

Chest, Back & Abs

6:30 & 7:30 Wednesdays


16:00 & 17:00 Thursdays

Full Body

11:30 & 12:30 Fridays

Full Body

9:30, 10:30 & 12:00 Saturdays *Bi-weekly*

***Subject to change each week***


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I've been fascinated with fitness from the moment I ran my first 60-meter race as a kid. The energy, the rush of adrenaline, the instant desire to go again - but faster - was something I had never felt before. The ability to improve and perfect by learning and practicing suits my underlying OCD perfectly. In my teens, I packed my bags and left home for a boyband in Dublin. Not long after I moved onto Melodifestivalen, the Swedish semi-finals for Eurovision Song Contest, (but it's better for everyone if you don’t Google that chapter of my life!) and released two albums. It's fair to say I love music, and it's always been a huge part of my ten years of experience in teaching group fitness.
Back in Sweden and twenty years old, I decided to let my music career rest and became a Personal Trainer and Nutritionist. Right out of school, one of my teachers then offered me a job at perhaps the most exclusive gym in Sweden - the Grand Hôtel Nordic SPA & Fitness. Early on in my career, I realized that the one thing that triggered my interest more than anything else was helping people lose weight. To me, the excitement in the eyes of someone about to start, and the pride in the eyes of someone who successfully reached their goals is what this job is all about. My main focus is to find a sustainable lifestyle that will help clients not only lose but also maintain the goal weight. Therefore, I early on started experimenting with food in a completely different way than I had before - to find a way to lose weight without having to compromise on good taste and portion size.
Having won ‘Group Fitness Instructor of the Year’, a nomination as ‘Personal Trainer of the Year’ at Fitnessfestivalen I was headhunted to travel the world along with a private client - managing both workouts and nutritional plans. In the two years I spent working intensely with one client at a time, I not only helped them reach their goals, but I realized that the way I was working could revolutionize the way people look at weight loss. While teaching at Barry’s Bootcamp in Stockholm, I’ve evolved my philosophy into a concept where I’m able to offer best parts of a full-time trainer in the form of an online coach.

Start your journey with me TODAY!


Ewa Nieminen

Jonny makes exercise fun. He’s good at adapting the workout and finding your level, as well as a super nice guy with a positive mind that only see's possibilities.

Fredrik Robertsson

With Jonny as my trainer/nutritionist, I reached my goals and found myself in the best shape of my life. His knowledge about the body, food and workouts are impressive and I can highly recommend him if you’re looking for results!

Magnus Karlberg

During the time Jonny as my trainer he quickly won my trust through his positive approach, professional attitude and variation of workouts. His empathy and knowledge about both body and mind made every session rewarding, even when I wasn’t feeling at my best. One always felt better after meeting Jonny!

Linda Sandquist

Working out with Jonny is pure joy, it never gets boring! Every session is very thoughtful and filled with new and exciting things. He is a great listener and is extremely professional in the field of health, diet and workouts. The best trainer I’ve ever had!





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